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nCommerce ®

Extending retail merchants from retail to online business as well. For the merchants, they could manage their inventories, company sales, marketing & payments via one single portal login. This enable conversion of potential into real orders offline and online as well.

Managing your eCommerce website never been easier. We have full featured Content Management System to help manage products, categories, types, add and edit pages, with product options, each with its own Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), price and images. You can manage the stores via your smartphone. Our powerful control panel lets you process and fulfil orders end to end from a single location. Manage inventory at the product option level so you can always provide accurate information to customers and maintain the right amount of stock in your shopping cart solution.

Simplify multi-channel selling giving shoppers the luxury of buying when, what and how they want it, while increasing your sales. eCommerce can link with other third-party consumer-facing sites and social media platforms. Process all orders from a single interface across multi channels. Sell on social media and everywhere else your targeted shoppers are already visiting. Increase your conversion rate to up to 3x – 5x higher than the industry average because eCommerce offers responsive designs and the latest mobile selling features. Your ecommerce website is search engine optimization friendly out of the box, enabling you to increase organic traffic and spend your marketing dollars elsewhere. Integrations with email providers, Google Shopping and other marketing channels help you reach more shoppers with less effort — and engage the 30% of online shoppers who buy weekly.

You are getting the right support from the start. Switching platforms or launching a new store can feel overwhelming, but we dramatically simplify the process. You have access to our onboarding team for support right from the start. We manages all technical servers, firewall, routers and all IT related stuff. We fully manages it via our experience technical support team. We will ensure the security of the website is encrypted and prevents any fraudsters and hackers into the system.

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