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Termination of Relationship with EMAS Fintech Inc

Neurogine Capital (L) Ltd regrets to inform that we have terminated our relationship with Emas Fintech Inc. as of 5.00pm, Dec 4, 2020. This follows after suspending Emas Fintech Inc. from using our services on Nov 20, 2020. We have received alerts from our regulator, Labuan Financial Services Authority on Nov 19, 2020, and Nov 28, 2020, which has brought to light several issues concerning Emas Fintech Inc. After unsatisfactory responses from Emas Fintech Inc., our Our Board of Directors have decided to terminate our relationship with Emas Fintech Inc. and cancel their access to our technology and platform.

Neurogine Capital is a techfin that has developed and currently operates the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven money broking and trading platform, nTrade, which aggregates globally licensed exchanges, and serves financial institutions and corporations. nTrade is a highly secured platform and delivers price improvement with multi-pairing features. Neurogine Capital operates in the jurisdiction of Labuan International Business and Financial Centre and licensed by its regulator, Labuan Financial Services Authority, to provide Labuan money broking services (License MB/19/0033). We will not tolerate the abuse of our brand, logo, trust and technology or never condone any activities which may mislead others.

As a technology provider, Neurogine Capital has no part and does not interfere with the operations and policies of our numerous clients. Neurogine Capital does not manage and does not hold any funds for our clients. As a techfin, we are continuously enhancing and operating our money broking and trading platform, nTrade. Neurogine Capital is not related to Emas Fintech, does not hold any equity and plays no role whatsoever in Emas Fintech's operations. As at 5.00pm, Dec 4, 2020, Emas Fintech Inc.'s access to our nTrade platform has been revoked and removed.

Termination of relationship with Emas Fintech Inc. and their access to nTrade

2.00PM DEC 9, 2020 LABUAN - Neurogine Capital (L) Ltd regrets to inform that we have terminated our relationship with Emas Fintech Inc. as of 5.00pm, Dec 4, 2020.

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Neurogine Terminates Relationship With Emas Fintech

Neurogine Capital has terminated relationship and suing Manila-based Emas Fintech Inc. for fraud, slander and abusing its money broking and trading platform, Neurogine nTrade®.

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Neurogine Capital Takes Legal Action Against Emas Fintech

Labuan, Malaysia, Jan 29, 2021 – Neurogine Capital (L) Ltd, the developer and operator of Neurogine nTrade®, a money broking platform, has commenced civil proceedings against Emas Fintech Inc. (Emas Fintech).

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Cops cripple bogus investment syndicate with arrest of nine

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have crippled a bogus investment scheme syndicate with the arrest of nine men.

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