nCard ®

Mobile Card Management

nCard ®

All your cards in one view

Everyone is Switching to Mobile Payments

nCard ® is ready to store your physical and virtual with no card number, expiry date or CVV on reducing your risk of losing personal information.

With nCard ®, we’re here to help to monitor your recent transaction, manage your repayment and top up - your money, your world, your possibilities.

nCard ® is a chance to grow and to experience a whole new way of smarter banking, saving and spending.

Our service is honest and transparent. No hidden fees, all terms and conditions upfront and clear.

  1.  All-in-one bank card.
  2.  One time setup fee.
  3.  Monthly Minimum fee.
  4.  No hidden fees.

CB Card+

Onboarding easiest way

Easy and Transparent

Simple onboarding nCard ® account.

All your cards in one view

No need to store pdfs, search through emails to look for due dates, minimum due amount etc. With nCard ®, you can have all info at your finger tip.

Instant Notifications

Get instant notifications and 24/7 monitoring of all transactions. Strong encryption, biometric login, block card due to fraud detection – all to protect your account, transactions and personal information.

Paying with Your Phone is Easy

Tap & Pay payments are perfect for shopping after work, buying coffee, getting drinks at a bar or when paying for parking, for movies and everything else.

Research confirms that contactless mobile payments are preferred for the speed, convenience and security.

Our clients tell us that Tap & Pay is great for various daily life situations.

With you – Everywhere

  1.  When you exercise
  2.  At the coffee shop
  3.  On family vacations
  4.  Receive the first hand promotion without leaving your home

You can get insights from your spending history, transfer money or make payment with just a few taps and see all your transactions in one place.

nCard ® cares about You

We care about what you care about, especially in data security and privacy protection. Data ethics is core to everyone especially in banking financial line.

Privacy protected
Bring only the mobile device and tap to pay. No number, expiry date or CVV on the physical card, taking privacy and security to the next level.

Just give it a try!

CB Card+ Demo

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