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Neurogine Sdn Bhd crafts financial technology solutions that answers our clients’ business needs or strategies in a mobile or Web environment. We collaborate with our clients to add our niche expertise and technology which involves every stage of mobile or Web payment lifecycles.

Our financial technology solutions are used as technology platforms and deployed by our partners across Asia Pacific.

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nCard: Card Management Mobile App with VTS (Visa Tokenisation Service)

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Enabling existing eWallet for Both Direction Cross Border Services to China & ASEAN

With Neurogine’s nMPEX network, you will able to enable your bank for both way flow of services from any bank to China & ASEAN. These services are enabling your existing eWallet customers, as well as tourist from China and ASEAN countries to make payment & withdraw in your country. Likewise, your eWallet customers could travel to overseas for vacation or business, could transact or make payment or withdraw cash in these countries where we have presence.

This service benefits all parties including the merchants and your bank. The table below will illustrate the services and the potential benefits to each of the parties – consumer, merchants & bank.

nPay eWallet

Full-fledged mobile payment platform

Our core mobile payment platform is centred on nPay eWallet, which enable authenticated merchants to accept and process mobile payments by scanning Quick Recognition (QR) Codes from consumers using a smartphone application. A single merchant can authorise multiple devices or smartphones and monitor transactions being processes by each device in real time.

nPay eWallet applications are used by merchants to accept mobile payments from consumers using their mobile wallets to authorise payment by generating QR Codes.

Apart from nPay eWallet applications for merchants and consumers, there are also other features like real-time navigation mapping with geo-fencing capabilities, direct Customer eVoucher engagement, loyalty points management & rewards, credit/ debit card top-up, advertisement management & delivery, and much more. nPay eWallet has built-in flexibility so that its many features and powerful components can be customised or modularly selected to fit a wide variety of business models and strategies. nPay eWallet supports mobile payments providers like VISA Worldwide Pte Ltd, Mastercard Inc, AllInPay Financial Services Co Ltd, Ant Financial Services Group Ltd (Alipay), TenCent Holdings Ltd (WeChat Pay), China UnionPay Co. Ltd (UnionPay) and others.


nCard™ is a Near Field Communication (NFC) and token service payment module, developed, operated and supported by Neurogine MPEX (L) Ltd LL15608, a fully-owned subsidiary and part of Neurogine Group. nCard™ is the latest addition to the eco-system of mobile-first banking and payment platforms and solutions from Neurogine which includes nBank™, nPay™, nTrade™, nCommerce™, nLogistics™, nLoan™, nMusic™ and others.

nCard™ is fully compatible, meeting requirements from global credit cards providers like Visa Token Service (VTS) and Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDEs). nCard™ complies with communications protocols, data exchange formats and RFID standards including ISO/IEC 14443 and FeliCa, ISO/IEC 18092/ ECMA-340, ISO/IEC 21481 / ECMA-352 and those defined by the NFC Forum. nCard’s reference site is an award-winning Tier-1 Bank, the oldest and largest commercial bank in Myanmar, the first to issue ATM cards and credit cards and in 2020, was recognised by Asiamoney Awards 2020 as “Best Digital Bank”, “Best Domestic Bank” and “Best Corporate and Investment Bank”.

Neurogine MPEX is a licensed payment system operator since 2019 and based in Labuan, Malaysia. It operates mid-shore within the jurisdiction of Labuan International Business and Financial Centre, which is regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority.


Full-fledged messaging platform

nChat is a private and fully encrypted messaging platform which uses a secure mode to send messages, images, audio or video.

It has two unique attributes; firstly consumers in China can download and install our messaging chat app in Native Simplified Chinese or English from either Google Play or Apple iStore, and secondly, enterprises can create large communities of users who may be a combination of users in China and outside China, and provide such a messaging service for them to use, even when they are at home or abroad.

nChat can be used to brand, host and co-ordinate messaging between individuals or large groups. Its features includes voice recording, rich media file attachment, image attachments, group broadcast, private broadcast, QR Code functionality to add new contacts in the address book, built-in eWallet functionality for storing value and payment purposes, built-in ang-pao or red packet functions, and much more.

Probably the best feature of nChat is that it allow users to keep in touch with people living across the globe. It is particularly appealing to enterprises that requires such an application for their users in China, who can download and use the application, even when they are abroad.


It streams, it’s alive & fresh

The mass adoption of smartphones have transformed many business models that provides entertainment. Our industry-proven nTone capitalises on consumer demand to choose, purchase, share and make of videos or songs.

The nTone platform manages and operates a rich, dynamic and diverse mobile entertainment resources that ranges from Music Ring Back Tone (MRBT), Music Video Portal (MVP), Video Play Back (VPB) and more.

Our nTone platform offers extensive personalisation and control, reflective of lifestyles, moods and tastes, controlled by subscribers using a smartphone application. nTone also allow subscribers to choose and pair avatars, animated video clips, music clips or sound clips with contacts in their Address Book. Love ballads or romantic video clips for their loved ones or upbeat tunes for their gym buddies or schoolmates?

nTone’s modular use means it can be customized and used to provide streaming rich media value-added services ranging from audio clips, video tracks, sweet wallpapers, jiggy tones and licensed ring back tones like Billboard’s The Hot 100.

Other nTone features like Music Clip Recognition, Video Ring Back Tone Avatars, Social Media Portal access and much more.


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Neurogine Sdn Bhd operates with its agents and partners across Asia in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong & Phnom Penh (Cambodia).


From our roots as a telecommunication value added service provider in the previous decade, we saw the rise of convergence between the telecommunication, finance, entertainment and payment segment. In 2014, Neurogine took on a fresh start to provide mobile technology solutions to clients who similarly aimed to capitalise on such a convergence. In 2015, Neurogine unveiled its mobile entertainment platform nTone and its modular component, and a year later, its mobile payment platform nPay followed by a wide range of modular components in 2017.

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