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With the current pandemic market forcing everyone to stay, we have created a new generation of delivery management designed for parcels and F&B deliveries. We have 3 main components – Portal for Command Center Order Management, Driver Mobile App and Consumer Mobile App.

Our main advantages of this platform is that we have proof-of-delivery feature, rewards commissioning for each delivery (designed for freelance/part time driver) & auto email for live tracking for the end client.

Driver’s performance are always been tracked and visible. Reduces manual entries related to individual drivers to give 100% visibility about the driver. Log record of every driver is automatically updated and transmitted - makes it easier to handle tasks like: - Calculating hours of performance - Confirming number of trips made so far - Check reviews against drivers - Deliveries done by every driver - Exact time entered. Every move the driver can be tracked – giving a peace of mind and security. No more calling to know the exact location of the driver. This feature tracks the location of the driver, on shift or off shift, late or on time to their en route – seamless data - within seconds.

Order assignments and dispatch made easy. Assign orders to drivers and rapidly assemble the pickup and delivery roster. Every driver will receive the multiple shipment task on their app or turn the table around. This feature reduces the burden of assigning task priorities, and let drivers manages the task deliveries themselves. With Waze or Google Map, this eliminate guesswork as this may increase the delivery time, as well as higher fuel expenses. This helps driver routes, while keeping operation centre informed of their routes.

As for Rewards and Commission, it has live updates on rewards tier and commission data. This feature tracks information about commissions earned by every driver – part time or full time - based on a rewards-tier system or structure. Every driver can view their commissions earned after every delivery and the payout tracked to their designated account. Easier to manage and administer. No more disputes about the commissions or rewards earned. This saves time, gives valuable peace of mind to everyone and wholly transparent

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