Neurogine nCard®️,
your Contactless Payment and Card Platform

Let us help you with better payment experience during this pandemic.

Tap to Pay, smart initiatives that will help in the ongoing battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Protect everyone, safety concerns and the need to access essential items in the light of the lockdowns and movement restrictions, peace of mind for consumers and sellers while performing their transactions.
  • Lower physical theft rates, with no physical money to steal in anyone's pockets, theoretically crime involving cash thefts would disappear. Muggings, shop and house break-ins and handbag theft are just a few examples of crimes that would likely die out.
  • Enhances transparency, provides better data access for financial management and it allows to monitor financial activity in real-time, as well as better earning trackers
  • Fast and secure, cost-effective manner
  • Cost effective, reduction in cost of handling cash

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